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Integrated Counseling & Consulting LLC (ICC) is a privately held corporation. Randy K Moss Ph.D. is the principal. Providing services since 2000, ICC has provided 100’s of coachings, trainings, consultations, and program/project implementations with behavioral health and health care agencies, large and small. I have conducted conference presentations on the national, state, and local levels. Supported by over 30 years of diverse management and clinical work in Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Justice systems, I combine practical and seasoned experience with the latest research. Known for up-to-date sources, I present in an accessible, engaging, relatable, and humorous manner, ensuring participants leave with usable material.

Integrated Counseling  & Consulting LL (ICC) is not an NBCC approved  Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and is not authorized to offer courses that are approved for NBCC continuing education (CE) credit of credit hours. ICC terminated ACEP status in August 2021


Do you want your employees to retain and use the information from training?  Training should engage and stimulate reflection, right? I think so.  I use humor, examples, cited research, and audience participation to achieve that goal of learning and application. Real world and relevant concerns from those that attend structure the interaction between me and the audience. Using years of practical experience, clinical curiosity, and extensive scholarship, i use  energy, information and relationship to share how we can better accomplish the goals of helping through learning and application.


Implementation is more than just attending a workshop, holding meetings, and having a few folks try the new innovation. Implementation is a science. It takes time, planning, and patient mentoring to truly change the culture of practices. I have walked with large and small agencies to implement Evidence-Based-Practices to fidelity and innovation stage. Alongside chosen champions and administration, I have provided knowledge, practice, and guidance. Resources, time, and commitment are the ingredients proven by research to facilitate real implementation. This journey, implementation, requires more than passing fancy about 'what could be.'

Deliberate Practice/Routine Outcome Measure

We all want to be experts. In fact, it defines many of our interactions and impacts our self-worth. Some research caution that becoming expert makes us more closed minded. Let's worry about that later!! First, let's pursue being expert. The most powerful science about being truly good at our craft, whatever that is, is that we know, through feedback, our errors with a client, set aside reflective time, seek outside perspectives, and engage in practice of new strategies. If we really are to be great, deliberate practice is the key. I have been working with individuals and agencies to adopt the philosophy and practices of Deliberate Practice for some time now. Using the tools of Routine Outcome Measures, particularly Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) I help practitioners and agencies engage with service seekers differently and identify  "errors" that we all do that distracts from the work we do. The rewards have been seen with work satisfaction, client retention, and better outcomes.  But it isn't fact, it is tough work and requires patience and focus.  Working with local data and professional drive for greatness, I believe I can help with this most important next step in maximizing satisfaction and outcomes: Deliberate Practice.


Have you ever felt that you’re missing something about "this" client? Have you wondered  if your interventions, your recommendations, cover all the issues to allow healing and/or growth? If you’ve had questions that make you doubt or have reservations, you understand the basics of "Complexity." One thing about those that seek our services, they have history, they have context, they have factors impinging them outside their view. To just say that their brain is different, that they lack skills, or that they just don’t get it is to fail complexity! In fact, it fails our basic understanding of being human. The interaction of all the moving parts of the person and how these parts affect each other is the challenge. I have been looking, with the limitation of a human being, at the puzzle that I call life. I love sharing the revelations about myself, the limitation of our single perspective or how what Foucault calls, ‘the fallacy of interiorization’ (the problem is just within), negatively impacts our feelings of competence and the outcomes with those that we serve. Walking with other professionals using real cases, hypothetical situations and client feedback, supervision takes on dimensions fostering growth and effective therapeutic use of self. I provide supervision, case consultation and practice reviews.


Over the past decade I have been active with some complicated and multi-factorial issues. Some problems seem straightforward with a unique and reachable solution. Others, not so much. It is these more difficult, messy, and disruptive questions and problems that I love to facilitate, to tackle. These problems are called “wicked” (Rittel, 1973). How do all the stakeholders have input? How do you weigh them each? How do we know the right path without first venturing down one? How do we know when the ‘best’ possible has been achieved. Herein lies the challenge. Dialogue Mapping, Drawing Toast, Categorical Decision Making are some methods employed. I have been facilitating these types of efforts to find and innovate solutions to “wicked” problems. Do you want to know how? Let's take on your 'wicked' problems!!


I strive to make professional training,  coaching  and consultation a relationship: personal, relevant, interactive, and translatable into everyday work. Learning leading to mastery should be fun, challenging, and real-world. I am dedicated to these principles.


I use the latest research in Implementation Science and Technology Transfer in helping service providers/organizations/companies achieve "excellence" and “abilities” desired and demanded in today's professional environment. Excellence through accessibility, collaboration, and scientific application are the foundation.

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