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Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT)

Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) is a deliberate clinical practice that engages and empowers clients through  real-time feedback. It is a brief, reliable, and valid set of measures to gather feedback on client functioning and clinical alliance and relationship. This is a tool in the Routine Outcome Measures model of practice management and funder requirements. A certified FIT trainer, I am helping numerous agencies retain and engage more clients leading to better outcomes. It focuses on helping clinicians reflect on their work, hone skills, and attend to the current relationship with "this" client, in this setting, with 'this' problem. It is the tool of Deliberate and Reflective practice.  Under current funding and accountability pressures, FIT answers the call. Learn to determine when clients deteriorate, avoiding harm and drop out. Learn to adjust clinical effort to better engage and retain active effort on the part of the client. Increase outcomes, be more efficient, be the best you can through this deliberate practice attitude and method of gaining and integrating feedback in your personal and agency practice. A SAMHSA recognized  evidence-based process, this way of being engaged with the client works with any theory, method, or population.  Over 1400  research findings support FIT. This technique and deliberate practice is associated with the largest clinical on-line (ICCE)  clinical support group and is being implemented internationally. I can help you master this skill to benefit those seeking your help or implementing this into an agency structure.


The American Psychological Association mandates that the clinician "monitor…progress…[and] If progress is not proceeding adequately…alters or addresses problematic aspects of the treatment (e.g., problems in the therapeutic relationship or the implementation of the goals of treatment)"   (pp. 276-277, APA, 2006).  

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