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This section is a collection of links, article citations, Books, and random thoughs. It will be growing routinely as I find interesting, topically important, and discovering new information. I will attempt to give enough information to help those inclined can investigate the source. So, please sign up for update notification.


Trauma and Trauma Informed Care


Responding To Childhood Trauma:

The Promise and Practice  of  Trauma Informed Care by Gordon R. Hodas MD Statewide Child Psychiatric Consultant, Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services February 2006


Childhood Experience and the Expression of

Genetic Potential: What Childhood Neglect Tells

Us About Nature and Nurture by BRUCE D. PERRY Brain and Mind 3: 79–100, 2002.


Understanding Interpersonal Trauma in Children: Why We Need a Developmentally Appropriate Trauma Diagnosis by Wendy D’Andrea et al. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol. 82, No. 2, 187–200,2012



The Health and Social Impact of Growing Up With Adverse Childhood Experiences The Human and Economic Costs of the Status Quo by Robert Anda, MD


Traumatic Loss in Children and

Adolescents by Anthony P. Mannarino Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, 4:1, 22-33, 2011


Childhood maltreatment, depression, and suicidal ideation: critical importance of parental and peer emotional abuse during developmental sensitive periods in males and females by Alaptagin Khan et al.


Determining what works in the treatment of PTSD by Bruce E. Wampold et al. Clinical Psychology Review, 30, 923–933, (2010)



Shattered Assumptions by Ronnie Janoff-Bulman, 1992


Loss of the Assumptive World ed. Jeffrey Kauffman, 2002


Psychotraumatology Eds. George S. Everly, Jr., Jettery M. Lating, 1995


Using Trauma Theory to Design Service Systems Eds. Maxine Harris, and Roger D. Fallot, 2001


 Feedback Informed Treatment


Using Formal Client Feedback to Improve Retention and Outcome: Making Ongoing, Real-time Assessment Feasible by Scott D. Miller et al. Journal of Brief Therapy, Volume 5,  Number 1, 2006


Implementing routine outcome monitoring in clinical practice: Benefits, challenges, and solutions by James F. Boswell Psychotherapy Research, 2013


Treatment Expectancies, Patient Alliance, and Outcome: Further Analyses From the National Institute of Mental Health Treatment of Depression Collaborative Research Program by Bjo¨rn Meyer et al. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology,

Vol. 70, No. 4, 1051–1055, 2002


Losing Faith: Arguing for a New Way to Think About Therapy by Scott D. Miller

Psychotherapy in Australia, Vol. 144 No. 2, 2004





Heart and Soul of Change, Second Edition, delivering what works in therapy Eds. Barry l. Duncan et al., 2010


The Great Psyhotherapy Debate by Bruce E. Wampold, 2015


On Becoming a Better Therapist by Barry L. Duncan, 2014




Heart and Soul of Change, what works in therapy by Mark Hubble et al. 1999

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Deliberate Practice





The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance by K. Anders Ericsson Psychological Review, Vol. 100. No. 3, 363-406, 1993


Fooling Oursselves by Regina Nuzzo Nature,Vol 526, 2015


Deliberate Practice and Performance in

Music, Games, Sports, Education, and

Professions: A Meta-Analysis by Brooke N. Macnamara Psychological Science OnlineFirst, published on July 1, 2014



Random Good Books



The Discomfort Zone by Marcia Reynolds, 2014


The Illness Narratives: Suffering, Healing and The Human Condition by Arthur Kleinmen, 1988


White Privilege by Paula S. Rothenberg, 2012


Varieties of Anonalous Experience: Examiling the Scientific Evidence Eds. Etzel Cardena et al., 2000


Creativity and Conformity by Clark Moustakas, 1967

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