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Coaching and Coaching Coaches


 Coaching is a thriving and effective process for increasing organizational performance and profitability. Coaching is a bridge skill, it combines psychology, behavioral economics, business acumen, and the science of motivation and trust. These are skills and materials that have significance in my consulting and presentation of change. Over the past few years, I’ve made a concerted effort to understand and connect with the executive and organizational field, its literature and science. I have also forged a relationship with a known national and international coach and coach mentor, Chris Hunsicker. Besides having a masters in social work and organizational management, Chris has twenty years working in a variety of corporate settings coaching executives, managers, and other coaches. He has provided coaching, consulting and training in the Medical, Automotive and Community Services arenas. He and I have created “H & M Coaching Science.” This partnership will work with executives, coaches, and coaching groups to translate and incorporate the best science in reaching clients, creating change, as well as increasing productivity and organizational stability. In short, fostering product and corporate loyalty through employee and customer engagement. 

 The most compelling science in terms of application and the ability to produce results centers on Alliance.  This is an interaction between the coach and the executive, the executive and their colleagues and employees, and between sales and customers. This concept, ALLIANCE, is well researched and supported in the literature and science of engagement and retention. We will be using feedback and real-time data, something I have been utilizing for a decade, in helping to shape the interactions and to sharpen the exchanges to benefit all parties. This will result in getting more accomplished in less time.  The data is used to hone the person’s skills and reflection not to simply finalize this deal. It is a process for becoming expert, become more deliberative and become more responsive, on the fly, to the commerce of the business at hand.

ALLIANCE feedback is fundamental to maximizing personnel and personal abilities and engagement.  It will allow for increased:   


  • alliance

  • engagement

  • retention of customers

  • employee engagement

  • managerial time


These are the known outcomes for alliance focused work. 

The science of ALLIANCE, along with concept mapping, just in time decision making, and personal deliberate practice are the tools for our (my) coaching.  It is a process, an evolution that bears significant fruit and outcomes that translates into all aspects of life. This perspective limits the top-down, expert structure of many typical organizational charts and replaces it with a more bottom-up, contributory and participatory model of business practices. Each person, within their scope of influence and their duties will learn skills about:



  • listening differently

  • adjusting on the fly

  • failing with dignity

  • communication effectiveness

  • emotional regulation


Coaching of coaches will help the industries, executives and consumers experience the growth and satisfaction that allows flexibility, focus attunement, stability and employee innovation that makes for profitable, sustainable, and respected businesses. Please contact me if you are interested in accessing these coaching services directly or with your cohort of professional coaches.

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