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“I’ve worked with Randy on a number of projects in Alaska – he’s creative, insightful, thorough and has the uncanny ability to make sense of the most complicated health, behavioral health and social service problems. Randy and I worked together to develop and implement the Co-Occurring Disorders Institute (CoDI) in Alaska – a unique training, consultation and technical assistance entity. An organization that has now evolved into a high quality, well respected not for profit serving Alaska’s most vulnerable children and families. Randy is a master at understanding what really works when one talks about evidence based practices. And translating those practices so that the front line practitioner can use them with confidence.”


William Hogan
- Former Director Division of Behavioral Health, Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services (DHSS); Former
Commissioner DHSS

“The capacity to understand complexity at a clinical, programmatic, organizational or systemic level is rare. Dr. Moss’s ability to think, work, and drive meaningful change at each of these four levels is unparalleled. This is essential to impactful and lasting improvement in service delivery systems.”


 - Joshua Arvidson, MSS., LCSW
Alaska Child Trauma Center at ACMHS
Regional Director
Complex Trauma Treatment Network

“For behavioral health training, Randy Moss, Ph.D. is a knowledgeable and highly skilled professionaltrainer. Our staff has had the opportunity to participate in multiple trainings he has conducted on a variety of behavioral health topics. He is always well-prepared and we have learned a great deal that could put to practical use at our Community Behavioral Health Center. We especially appreciate Dr. Moss’ style of including participants in the learning process, soliciting input, and incorporating suggestions for enhancements into his presentations. Dr. Moss has particular expertise in co-occurring disorders, which is a plus for our organization and the chemical dependency treatment program we collaborated with to participate in a special Hazelden-Dartmouth co-occurring disorders, multi-phased training project over a one-year period. I recommend Dr. Moss without reservation!”


 - Pamela Watts
Executive Director
Juneau Alliance for Mental Health, Inc.

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside of Dr. Randy Moss over the last 10 years on numerous projects, including the Alaska Bring the Kids Home initiative. The Co-Occurring Disorders Institute (CoDI), founded and run by Dr. Moss, was an integral part of revealing not only service gaps in our communities, but also generating solutions to address those gaps.  Randy has always focused on the family unit and context when treating a child(ren).  His approach to understanding the full picture of each family served in order to better meet complex needs is quite unmatched in my experiencing as a clinician and administrator.  His development of the Integrated Life Span Assessment by CoDI, (ILSAc) that identified historical symptom and treatment data, including unrecognized trauma, for children that Alaska services hadn’t seen before shaped. The ILSAc set the stage for identifying effective and evidenced-based interventions to keep some of the most complex family units together and often reunifying those families when a child was placed in levels of Residential Psychiatric Care. Dr. Randy Moss is an energetic and knowledgeable practicing professional with the ability to educate, train, and support both those serving in the Behavioral Health Field and those families with Behavioral Health challenges. He can help discover and problem solve those issues and system gaps that address family and individual issues that need support and assistance. His passion to see families with such complex challenges receive the support they need and succeed in life is exemplary.


-Bradley Grigg
  • CEO Juneau Youth Services, Juneau, Alaska
  • Former Community Mental Health Program Administrator, Alaska Department of Health & Social Services, Division of Behavioral Health

July 21, 2016


To Whom it May Concern,


I am honored to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Randy Moss.  I have known Dr. Moss for over 15 years and I respect and admire his expertise and am inspired by his heartfelt commitment to youth.


I was the superintendent of McLaughlin Youth Center in Anchorage, AK when Dr. Moss was our contract psychologist.  Throughout the years he provided excellent clinical evaluations for our youth and support and training to our staff working in a locked juvenile correctional facility. 


While working with us, Dr. Moss introduced us to pertinent training and research in the field of juvenile justice.  Of particular note was his role in our implementation of Trauma Informed Care, which was implemented throughout the entire Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice.   Through his guidance and support, we began the transformative system change initiative.  Dr. Moss was our mentor, trainer, coach and champion.  Without his expertise and encouragement, our initiative would have never proceeded or succeeded. 


I would highly recommend Dr. Moss to any organization seeking professional services to implement system change and improvement.  His vast knowledge and kind tenacious approach makes Dr. Moss a good match for organizations going through the challenging work of system change. 




-Barbara Henjum
Retired Director, Division of Juvenile Justice
State of Alaska

"Dr. Moss provides truly customized training and consultation for behavioral health providers. He crafted his teaching to fit the skill set and professional development needs of our staff. He routinely received the highest praise for being engaging, thought provoking and practical as he educated large and small groups on emerging issues in our service delivery. Dr. Moss excels in providing support to agencies during change processes and was a trusted advisor as we navigated implementation of new practices and sought objective guidance to move our services towards excellence."


- Abbie Blackshire, LPC
Director of Children's Mental Health 
Community Connections
Prince of Wales & Ketchikan Alaska

“The North Slope Borough has been working with Dr. Moss for many years. He has proven to provide culturally competent, compassionate, services that support our providers and clients. I have personally had the opportunity to know Dr. Moss (or Randy) for over 10 years. He is very flexible, understanding and is able to accommodate our agency's needs. Randy shows true compassion and feels like he is part of our organization. Our agency is honored to have had the opportunity to have the longstanding relationship with Integrated Counseling (or Randy Moss), he has provided beneficial services to the North Slope.”


 - Justina Wilhelm
Deputy Director Health Department Behavioral Health Director
North Slope Borough, Barrow Alaska

"I have participated in several trainings on the topic of trauma by Randy Moss.  He speaks from experience and a deep understanding and passion for sharing information that will help people help our agencies and systems and help us all understand being Trauma Informed. Randy is engaging, personable and expertly professional and presents material in ways that attendees can understand. He is open to and able to provide creative and spontaneous adaptations to his presentations to meet the needs of students."


- Jane Flygstad 
Children’s Justice Coordinator
Lac Courte Oreilles Indian Child Welfare Department Hayward, WI

Dr. Randy Moss is an outstanding trainer and presenter. I have had the good fortune of collaborating with Dr. Moss in the development and implementation of FIT and TIC principles in outpatient mental health and adolescent residential treatment centers. His consultation style is collaborative, thoughtful, and based in empirically supported implementation science principles and practices. Randy takes great care in designing a training approach that is tailored to fit the needs of individual staff members and the agency as a whole. He has the uncanny ability to teach complex material in a fun, user-friendly manner which keeps staff highly engaged and interested in learning more. The depth and breadth of his clinical knowledge, facility with research outcomes and evidence based practices are other skills that make him a first-rate consultant.   


- Melody Ros Psy.D.
Ex. Director Home on the Range, North Dakota; Former Ex. Director Community College Services, Kern County, California

To Whom it may concern,

   I first became acquainted with Dr Randy Moss in the Fall of 2003 when I assumed the Chief Executive Officer position at Behavioral Health Services later known as Mat-Su Health Services and hereafter referred to as (MHS).  Dr Moss had for some time been affiliated with MHS as a consultant and educator.

   Over the next six years we worked closely together at MHS, with the Alaska State Behavioral Association, and a variety of other Alaska organizations. I served on the Board of Directors of The Co-Occurring Disorders Institute including four years as President.  I believe that I have had an excellent opportunity to observe and experience Dr. Moss in all manner of situations and roles he has played.

  He was a valuable resource to me and to my clinical staff.  He provided educational and clinical consultation to all levels of our staff from our bachelors prepared to Doctoral prepared staff. I called on him to present information and education to our Board of Directors at regular meetings and retreats.

   I often shared with him my ideas for goals, objectives and leadership strategies which may have been to some “way outside the box.”  I knew I could trust Randy to respect my intent and to give me the most genuine honest feedback.

  One of the most significant efforts of my tenure at MHS was the development of a Cognitive Rehab Project for individuals with brain injuries.  Dr. Moss and I worked together for about three years to write an evidenced based treatment program including a business plan.  His contribution was invaluable.

  Because I was very active on the State level; I can be a witness to how well he was received by other CEO’s and organizations who called on him for help for their needs.  He assisted them in writing grants, provided consultation on leadership and clinical issues, and improving their programs.

  Dr. Moss has the highest sense of ethics and professionalism.  He bases his work only on research based facts as far has the current knowledge can be proved.  He is thoughtful and always thinks before speaking.  He is humble and respectful.  I am fortunate to call him colleague.

 Please feel free to contact me at 641.351.4297


-Maryalice Larson
Formerly CEO Mat-Su Health Services
Wasilla, AK        July 18, 2016
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