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CO-Occurring Disorders and Complexity

I have over thirty years working specifically with Co-Occurring Disorders. I am competent with the Sciacca Model from 1988 on, the CCISC model of Minkoff and Cline (traveled Nationally with them and in the state of Alaska), the Hazelden Co-Occurring Disorders Curriculum, and the general contextual and integrative models of working with complexity. I have consulted with dozens of agencies, taught hundreds of professionals, and worked with administrations at all levels to enhance understanding, and clinical skills to work with multiple challenged clients. I envision our work integratively.

Hazelden’s  Co-Occurring Disorder Program (CDP)

I am a certified Hazelden trainer for this Evidence-Based compendium of  Interventions for Co-Occurring clients. The CDP is a comprehensive, staged program for both mental health and substance abuse agencies. It provides the framework for becoming dual diagnosis capable and dual diagnosis enhanced. Four connected sections of skills and client materials compose this researched curriculum. A thorough family psycho-education program with integrated services for substances and mental health included. Dr. Moss has helped 9 agencies embrace this well -evidenced and nationally known program.    

The Co-Occurring Disorders Institute, Inc.

I was the founder and chief executive officer for CODI for ten years and project director for three years prior.  CODI was a research and implementation company that worked to encourage  the highest scientific knowledge and clinical skills through trainings, research, and consultation. CoDI, and I specifically, was the State of Alaska in-state resource and consultant for the four year integration of Mental Health and Substance Abuse programming and administration. CODI also was significantly involved in the State of Alaska Traumatic Brain Injury projects, the Trauma and Trauma Informed Care movement, and with the unique care management program for children and youth for out of home placement. CODI provided training to dozens of agencies, organized national speaker conferences, wrote curriculum, and promoted context and historical assessment of co-occurring disorders for service seekers.

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