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Random Thoughts

Feb. 23, 2016

Just reading two books on the origins of evil. This has been a topic of much interest to me for years. Besides those few true anti-social people among us, I have come to the idea that situation, isolation, and the loss of empathy from our own relevant desparation is the biggest contributor. There is too much evil: the act of dehumanizing and harming for self preservation.  This is alarming, especially in the name of religion, country, or economic status. The idea of scarcity, of limited opportunity, and of special manifest destiny is helping spawn many social ills.  But, there is abundance, a type of enoughness that we can tap. Competition instead of cooperation set us against each other in fear and there after loathing and debasement.

It is tragic, regressive, and ultimately hurtful from an advancement quest for humanity. I am hearing more of this in session and consultation.  The overhearing at eateries and busstops, on radios, and TV, all point to a type of selfishness. Fingers pointing at me too.  How do we change the dialogue?  Connection, as these books state. Real connection.

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