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On this page, I will try to share accessible materials that can facilitate using science and models to implement or support great pactices.  These materials will be accessible to everybody.  I ask that permission for duplication or application be sought from the source that will be cited.  This is just ethical and right. 

Sharing information and work from my involvement with wonderful colleagues and systems is an important aspect of my professional life.  Know, I have asked premission to publish these materials.  Each section will have contact addresses.  Please give credit where credit is due.

Trauma Informed Handouts

The uploaded flyers are from the Trauma Informed Committee at the Home on the Range Residential Center in North Datoka. Permission to publish comes from Mel Rose, Psy.D., Executive Director, and Vanessa Ueckett, Development Assistant. They are creative applications of Powerpoint slides and information supplied by my consultations and trainings.  They are wonderful for staff education and culture transformation.  Contact:

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